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I LOVE IT! i love how there are no jumpscares and how good the game worked!



wow, beautiful game! 


I liked this game! It was interesting 

I was inspired so I drew a fanart

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Pink has been republished recently by someone named, "Chibi Screech Games".  This is a warning to those who might find it and download it. Please report this person and only download the original here, developed by AugoGames.


Loved this so much!


Aaa very intriguing and mysterious, loved it!! Not to mention the art is beautiful too :)


Had a great time with this game :3 Would love more like it.

This is awesome! Good job 🎉



Thank you for a wonderful game\(^o^)/

Alright! This is my first game I downloaded from and I gotta say I don't regret any second of it. I liked the visuals and the bgm, along with the progress of the scenario. Very well done in my opinion.

I'm usually instictively tended to over-analyze things and this game just made me remember that there is no reason to be alive. Stuck in a studio apartment or not, our lives just lack meaning. And we're spending our time... watering pink plants, thinking how beautiful they are.

Moreover, I think that even though the "brushing teeth before going to bed" habit is not logical anymore,  since she hasn't been eating for a while now, it just proves how desperate she is. At least another activity trying to stick to life until the toothpaste runs out maybe. That just teaches me how weird being alive can be.


hi!! i loved the game sm, it was so well-made! (story, art and everything!!)

Can i ask how you made this? (game engine-wise, if you used one?)

Hello, I'm Nagasari Ferrea and I'm a Malaysian VTuber. May I stream this game on YouTube and suggest it to my fellow VTuber friends?

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very short, it feels like there should be a bit of time to get to know the character before  the plot comes in. Other than that, the game does a good job of showing the player whats happening naturally, i did get a bit stuck with the laptop because you cant go back to read instructions but thats my fault. 

overall its short but sweet both the story and the artstyle


i love it


Absolutely in love with this game! It hits just the right spot between leaving hints and information about what might've happened to cause the current situation, while still leaving enough ambiguity that it feels natural and intriguing. The pacing is wonderful, and I love going through her daily tasks in what almost seems like it'll be a cute life simulator. It really helps that the monotony of her tasks and how small her two-room life is accentuate her slowly losing a grip on reality. 

This game was cute and very well done! I loved the art and the story was great!

I think it would be more impactful if it lasted for a few days longer, but it still was a very unique and enjoyable game :) Hope you make more like it!

pink evrythng

Considering pink is my favorite color, I loved this game! The story is so unique. The art, the different shades of pink, and the aesthetic, are so gorgeous as well even though I was creeped out most of the time lol. great job and best of luck to you <3

Great story, very cute art style! I hope to see more games from you!

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Ok what? This is so unique! It took me long enough to realize that this was a plant apocalypse... Kinda feeling sad for the girl going through so much just to be engulfed by an apocalypse poor girl i can just imagine how hard it must be in real life. Such a unique concept and THE ART. Thankyou I loved playing it soo much <3

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my jaw dropped and stayed on the ground when I realized what was happening 


I rarely comment on games, but I wanted to compliment you on Pink. I think you really mastered the idea of pacing with this one, and I wish you the best on your future projects.

Great game! I loved the slow demise into chaos. The Plants Have Taken Over....


Love the pinkness, very pretty art! I love that you kind of know there are no threats and its still scary. Great Work!


The game caught my eye because of the concept of making the color pink, into a horror game.  I like the way it's open ended in terms of interpretation of what happened, I'd like to think some sort of apocalyptic thing happened (she talks about how the rains may've meant something), and it caused everyone to go into quarantine.   But that's just me.


Had lots of fun with this game. Would love to see more games delving into the world going on during this. 

It was interesting. Art was cute.

just a little confused about why she nailed the door shut. other than that i absolutely loved this game :D


I am a big fan of the cutesy art style mixed with a horror element. I really loved this game. The pixel art and story were just awesome! This is my gameplay of it so if you enjoy it please like, comment, and subscribe! It wouldn’t really help my little channel out! Thanks for this great game! 

i'd love to see more games from you! this was a pleasant experience; i enjoyed how checking everything prompted new dialog every day.

what do i press to investigate stuff

space bar :)


your game is like shi


game nhu concac

A really nice and pretty little game! It was easy to navigate through and even though there wasn't much to do, it still kept me entertained throughout the game! Hoping there'll be more games like this!

The game was interesting, I am so curious to what is going on within the game. So many possibilities, is it the plants or maybe the water. Perhaps something else is happening, the game is so open to possibilities.
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istg i love this so much, it has a great story line without much explained details, i still wonder what went on outside and why we nailed the door shut!

edit: Quick question, what is this type of game called? i love these kind of games and im wondering how to find them in one or a few key words :]

Like cute but creepy? Maybe you could attach the cute and creepy tags? But that won't show all of them

thanks for the help! i'll be sure to try it out :D


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