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What is Pink?

Pink is a mini pixel horror game about a girl trapped in her apartment.  

Pink is the first game that I've coded from the ground up.  It's a short game that runs from 15 - 30 minutes. 

Pink Features:

  • trendy decor
  • plant watering
  • weathering the apocalypse alone in your studio apartment

The sound has been optimized for headphones.  Use WASD or arrow keys to move.  Spacebar to interact.  Press "f" at any time to toggle between windowed mode and fullscreen.

Portuguese Translation by Davi Viana, Mikap Traduções.

Spanish Translation by Prissy Pineapple.

Updated 10 days ago
TagsHorror, Pixel Art, Short
Average sessionA few minutes


Pink.exe 24 MB
Pink Português.exe 24 MB
Pink Español.exe 24 MB

Development log


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A great game,is it made by Game maker studio?

i played your game and it was fun! I liked the story but could be much scarier in a way. It would help alot if you could check out my channel and possible subscribe! Thank you!

This is the excellent game! You the great creator :D

I got to try out this game in the first part of my video! I really do enjoy pixel art games that pull off mysterious stories and nice creepy ambiances (I did come from recently playing Omori though so maybe I'm still riding the hype!) A really well put together game! 

An interesting game. Had a lot of fun testing it. Love the retro vibes.

(1 edit) (+1)

I love this. I love the walk cycle and footsteps sound and the ear sound when you sleep (you know the one I mean). I love the aesthetic and the slow build, the way the camera rattles a little when you walk--makes me feel real tense. The dialogue is so real and sad. There's like ONE typo 'fidge' instead of 'fridge' but otherwise: pretty as a picture.

Great game! Could I ask what engine it's built in?

I liked the game :))

do you have the keys?:)

Pink is such a calming colour. Almost like blood! ...almost.

I loved this one! The storytelling is so great with those small details hinting at the bigger picture, I didn’t know what to expect, so I loved the direction it took and the pacing was just perfect. Great work, I can’t wait to see what comes next. 

This....................... scares me


Created by Jaboblu

Absolutely Pink! A very dark theme for a bright colorful game and I enjoyed it. Very disturbing.

A really simple short cute game that has a really eerie atmosphere from start to finish followed by some unnerving music. Good game!

This was really good!

I don't know if its just me being a psychology student, but for me this hit pretty deep, really good job! There is of course more than one meaning in this but for me, i just saw some of my patients and to a degree myself in this....really well done!

Lovely little game. Very unnerving. I had no idea where it was going and was pleasantly surprised!

Very good work, congratulations :3

The concept of the game was great. It had so many layers of messages and could mean multiple things. One of the interpretations (I think) is being in our own self defeating mind where we become comfortable and then that slowly takes over and consumes you in the end. The other interpretation is quite literal where there's something wrong going on and the lady in the game has to be secluded or is undergoing a psychological problem that she's trying to face but in the en fails to. Either way, it's a great game, which ties the visuals and music together really well with the story and sends an amazing message and feel. Great job on it!

lovely job. the end tho ><

I liked the game, but I expected more terror.

Have any social medias?


Während ich das Spiel gespielt habe, habe ich die Texte auf Deutsch übersetzt. Ihr könnt gerne reinschauen, würde mich freuen. Ist auf jedenfall ein interessantes Spiel. 

Great Game 

Great game. I look forward to more of your projects in the forseeable future.

Woooww That's all

What can I say? A incredible experience, really liked the graphics, music, ambient, and the unexpected ending. I really enjoyed it.

Man this game looks good! Great job


very cute :)

I would recommend this game "Guiding Experience"

I loved this game!!! Thank you so so much for making this game. 10 out of 10!

i don't understand but... i like it 


This game was awesome. We really enjoyed it!

This is so PINK and CUTE. 


No Commentary :)

The game is cute and the ending had me questioning what if plants really attempted to take over. Worth the play-through 10/10

This is so cute and I loved the shift in music - it was really atmospheric. 

I'd love to see the approaching apocalypse from different characters perspective!

Deleted 14 days ago

Winrar is free to use, but if you really can't/don't want to use it, 7zip does the exact same thing. You can use it to open RAR files just fine.

Deleted 14 days ago

just download winrar. idk why but the trial never ends

-Made a Video.

"i love it. it's very very pink."

I would love if you make a video about my game "Guiding Experience"

I like it! Guys, if you nervous don't worry, it cute UwU

I loved it so much! 

guys we gootta get the like and dislike balanced on backfist's new video

Absolutely lovely game! Who doesn't love a pink palette?!

This game is pretty cool, good job coding this all on your own-

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