A downloadable game for Windows

What is Pink?

Pink is a mini pixel horror game about a girl trapped in her apartment.  

Pink is the first game that I've coded from the ground up.  It's a short game that runs from 15 - 30 minutes. 

Pink Features:

  • trendy decor
  • plant watering
  • weathering the apocalypse alone in your studio apartment

The sound has been optimized for headphones.  Use WASD or arrow keys to move.  Spacebar to interact.  Press "f" at any time to toggle between windowed mode and fullscreen.

Portuguese Translation by Davi Viana, Mikap Traduções.

Spanish Translation by Prissy Pineapple.

TagsHorror, Pixel Art, Short
Average sessionA few minutes


Pink.exe 24 MB
Pink Português.exe 24 MB
Pink Español.exe 24 MB

Development log


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This game I played it because it was called PINK which is my favorite color though I am turning to pure white also because it's so clean looking.  My home has spots of pink everywhere even my wine choice is pink, my keyboard is pink my mouse is pink.  My clothing is like this characters my hair even and my home is a personal jungle.  

I would stay indoors all the time with my plants, my kitty, my betta and the comforts of my white and pink home.  I wonder when my plants will bloom but I just planted tulips so we shall see.  This game is darker than PINK will ever be though and you have to play it to see the darkness.  

The game looks so cool but why does it ask me to agree to a license agreement? it's quite unusual

Will this be on Mac at some point?? I would love to play it! :D

literally the opposite of my anti-pink phase lmao

pink, pink, pink. Finally we're bloom.

nice game :^

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Enjoyable game! I really liked the subtle hints of what was happening to the character. I also really loved the art style and the soundtrack. Great Job!

I really liked this! Having bits and pieces of what's happening outside of the apartment leaves a lot to the imagination! Great job! Would definitely love to see a full story from this!

This game was just the right amount of creepy for me. I am looking forward to future games. 

I love horror games that are creepy, but not too scary and I loved this one! I hope you make new games soon :D

Beautiful art! How many colors did you use?

A little late to the party, but just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this! Reminded me of some of my favorite weird fiction writers. Congrats on your first game!

this is so cool... the art style, the music, everything!! 💕

hi! i played your game n.n

Op: loved the art and the atmosphere, but its not that scary. It is rather unnerving and kinda disturbing, but i guess thats the point. Also, the story is very well peaced and leave a lot to the imagination (which i like+ no jumpscares??!, in love)

Thank u so much! Very good game, keep it up firend!


this game is so good and the art is so pretty, how haven't I heard about it till now


it was atmospheric and had no jumpscares... love it!


Help,I don't know how to interact with items


Ok nothing xD


I be its cool but im on Mac :<

Deleted 129 days ago

omg same


I really liked the atmosphere of this game, pretty but creepy. It was a fun experience!


I Love this game <3


Excellent! :D


I really, really like this game :D

Umm, I really much don't understand the twist. Could someone explain for me? ;;v;;

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So, the lady is obsessed with houseplants, pretty much. and !! SPOILER IF U HAVENT FINISHED THE GAME- !! 

She starts to go kinda bonkers and a plant starts growing out of her ears and out of her drain and everything. That's where its sort of scary.

How did you developed it? What program have you used.


I used Game Maker Studio 2.


No jumpscares and most of the game is really "calm", yet unnerving. Great horror and smart use of colors!

Couldn't have said it better myself ^-^

I love this game!

this was very interesting! i enjoyed playing this game 



It's little short and awesome and it's so......... Pink...... 

super creative! nothing about the apartment setting, pastel color scheme, or tasks indicate that there's anything wrong until it's too late.

is there a version for MacBook?

No,there is none unless they WILL make one.


¿Alguien podría decirme cómo abro el juego? ¿Please?

I don't know how to interact with things, my mouse disappears everytime I put it on screen.

Space Bar.

♡loved it

Awesome. I enjoyed it, really good game! Keep up the great work!

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can u make a web version

yeah that would be really cool!

I agree it would be cool!


i sadly cant play it yet could you make a mac book version


Good. I enjoyed it. AWESOME for your first project, truly a psychological horror.

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